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Do It yourself Fashion Makeovers

Do It Yourself Fashion Makeovers

When it comes to fashion makeovers, you may want to get hold of something easy, and consumes less of your precious time. It should also make you look classy as well. These do it yourself fashion makeovers will be perfect for your dressing!Fashion Makeovers

These simple steps will help you change your look into something very different. There might not be any other makeovers easier than these!

Make thin brows a little thick.

For this purpose, you may want to use some natural eyebrow extender to give your thin eyebrows a bulky look. However, if such a fluid is not available, an eyebrow pencil can be considered, which matches the color of your brows. Calmly apply the pencil to the areas you want to make seem wider.

Use some smile makeovers to brighten your smile.

It has become really easy to whiten yellow teeth. All you need to get hold of is a gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide. You might want to look for a reliable company. The gel will remove stains after a few nights of use.

Use some good hair extensions to gear up you look.

For some perfect, celebrity-like hairstyle, you just need a little hard work to put in, and you are done. All you need is some help with the perfect colored extensions that match your hair. Natural extensions may stay attached for a few months.

You might need some home hair coloring tips.

While you decide to color your hair, stick to two shades of your natural hair color for a clean, flawless look. It may be okay if you are going for lighter shades, or the darker ones.
Just by following these little steps, you will be done with your fashion makeover in no time, without any hassle!

DIY Turn A T-shirt Into A dress

DIY Turn A T-shirt Into A Dress

In today’s rapidly changing era, it is quite easy to Diy turn a t-shirt into a dress by following
some very easy steps! Few clothes do not mean fewer choices, but more opportunities
for fun while you work your way out!DIY Turn A T-shirt Into A dress


So we are back with a crazy DIY tutorial on how to turn a t-shirt into a dress by following some very easy and quick steps.

     Things you will need:

All you need is an old large sized t-shirt with your favorite print on it, so it ends up being your very own, DIY favorite new dress!


1. Take a large sized t-shirt, large enough so that you can bring out your body
through its neck hole. Your elder brother or father’s t-shirt may do! It may be
better if you use a t-shirt with half sleeves.

2. Make sure the t-shirt has some elastic potential, so that you may not rip it apart
while wearing it on. Get yourself in the t-shirt’s neck hole, and pull it lower until
your arms come out from the neck hole completely as well. It may be resting a
little lower than your shoulders.

3. Now, hold one of the t-shirt’s arms, bring it forward, stretching it until it almost
reaches the centre of both your shoulders, and tuck it inside the neck hole.

4. Once done, take the second arm and tuck it inside as well.

5. Make sure that it is held properly in place.

6. After you have done this, fix your dress accordingly from both sides and the
back. You may want to add a stylish brooch to it. You are done turning your old t-
shirt into a new, stylish dress!

The next thing you would want to do is to wear the new dress when you go out with your friends for a party at the beach, or maybe, a movie marathon!

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