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Cute Mix Christmas nail Art Tutorial

Cute Mix Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Nail arts:

Nowadays nail Art are also becoming a very important part that can cover with beautiful art designs to put charm on your personality. Nail arts usually done according to the event that is coming ahead and you have to attend it with showing lot of stylish ideas you have in your mind. Nail art can be made on short length nails also, but beauticians put their favor for having long nails because on to it every design can be made very easily and other can see that worth watching art very clearly. But no hard and fast rule to must have long nails, if you don’t have long nails, you can still make a unique art on to your nail.

nail Art



Christmas is near to come, so I thought why not to introduce you guys a cute nail art tutorial comparable to Christmas? For setting this mission today I am sharing the very cute tutorial for Christmas day something red and white!

1st Step Coat your nails with transparent polish:

This is the basic step you all know very well about it. Apply first coat on your nail to provide other nail colors a smooth texture to stay on. Usually a transparent polish used to coat your nail for a shiner and smoother base.

2nd Step Take red nail paint:

We are making a Santa clause cap on your nail. For this scope, take red nail color and put it on the whiter portion of the nails that are pointed outside from the fleshy part of your nail bed. You can either take small paint brush for applying this or can also do it simply by the nail paint’s brush. Make a lying down corner towards inside from one corner of the red paint.

3rd Step Take black nail paint:

By using very thin paint brush, apply black paint for making the lying part of the Santa clause’s cap. Make outline around red paint laying down corner that applied in 2nd step. As shown in the figure.

4th step Take white nail paint:

In this step we are using white nail paint to give the look to the Santa clause’s cap of white furry part. Go ahead with what the picture is showing you. Make white parts with small paint brush. Same brush size that you used before for applying black paint.
5th step coat your painted nail again with transparent polish:
This is the last step for this cute nail art. Let them dry all your art first i.e. red paint, black paint and white paint. After letting it dry coat another layer of transparent polish over this nail paint to secure your art from spreading readily or by any light damage.


Are you seeing interest in this tutorial?
You must try this one. It is the most simple but stylish nail art for upcoming Christmas event. A Santa Clause’s Cap, I’m sure that who else see your nail art will surely say a Wow for it 😉

2 Minute Cute updo Hair Style Tutorial

2 Minute Cute Updo Hair Style Tutorial

Updos are very easy to make and very easy to handle. To catch your hairs out of your face you can apply any updo hair style to make your style better. Time taken for making a fashionable updo is so much least. It’s too easy and less time wrecking. After completing every step, hair sprays put an extra glamorous look to your any hairstyle. It fixes the style in its original position. While in straight or down hairstyles, time period collapse and level of difficulty increases. Plus they are hard to put in its original style after few hours.Hair Style

 2 3 4

2 minute cute updo ideas are waiting for you. Must watch these ideas, to get your cutest hair stand in front of your mirrors and have a look please.

1-High ponytail updo:

For making this one you should have long and strength hair texture to fold it upward. First of all, brush your hairs to make them straight and lumps free.

2-Make a tight ponytail:

After straightening of the strands, make a tight ponytail to support them to give a pleasant and desirable bun shape. Make a twisted loop structure along with this ponytail and lastly make a hard twist into it supporting by bobby pins or hair pins.

3-Wrap all your hair around the bun:

Wrap all the hair around your ponytail or either around the artificial bun to give a little tangled look. I mentioned before that smudged and tangled look is optional. You can apply it whenever you are in hurry. I personally like messy updos, because they look sexier than straight one.

4-Support your style with bobby pins:

Bobby pins or hair elastics are very useful in binding and supporting the excess hair strands in its place. It helps in holding your bun or updos in its position and not let them become loose soon after making this hairstyle.

5-Hair spirit to bind your whole style:

After completing all four steps, last thing to do is to apply hair spray on to your made updo hair style.  The role of hair spray is known to everyone that they are the most important part in making an elegant hairstyle. This let your hairstyle wrap up together and prevent to become open again. Don’t forget this step as it is the coating for your hair style.

This is simply called as cute ponytail updo hairstyle. Not more than 2 minutes will put in this process to make an elegant look. Willing girls and the girls that want a perfect attitude look prefer this up headed and simplest form of updo for enjoying summer seasons without having hairs on my face. This feels very bad in summers to feel your hairs on your face or forehead or even on the neck. To keep you stay away from this bad condition, updos are a very wholesome selection!

Applying Makeup for A Sculpted Face

Applying Makeup For A Sculpted Face

No matter what shape your face is, you can get it sculpted face by a few, easy makeup techniques and styles! Every face can be embellished with the perfect technique.Sculpted Face


Highlight – Add Shape And Volume To Your Face

Firstly, take a small brush and add light color to the flat parts of your face. You may want to check what shade suits your skin the best.
Avoid swirling your brush for a better look. You might consider strokes.

Contouring And Refining

Using dark shades sharpens the previously applied lighter shades. Apply a little darks over the lights you have applied.


Use the flat part of the brush to blend all your makeup shades into a neater look, and to give finishing.

To find out the right technique for your face, follow the steps given below.

Oval Shape:

our objective here is to just enhance the features a slight more using a little makeup. All you need to do is to take some shade of dark and blend it flawlessly upwards.

Long Face:

In a horizontal direction, apply a shade of dark inwards towards the centre of your face to give your face a clean look.

Inverted Triangular Shape:

The main objective here is to maintain a facial balance between the upper and lower parts of the face. We need to apply a little makeup to reduce the upper part and highlight the lower area of the face.

Square Shaped Face:

To enhance the look and to make your face seem flawlessly sculpted, apply a little shade on the top of cheek bones and blend it inwards to make the face look refined and lengthened.

Round Face:

Right under the cheek bones, apply some dark shade that matches your complexion, and slightly blend it in the downwards direction.

You are done!

Do It yourself Fashion Makeovers

Do It Yourself Fashion Makeovers

When it comes to fashion makeovers, you may want to get hold of something easy, and consumes less of your precious time. It should also make you look classy as well. These do it yourself fashion makeovers will be perfect for your dressing!Fashion Makeovers

These simple steps will help you change your look into something very different. There might not be any other makeovers easier than these!

Make thin brows a little thick.

For this purpose, you may want to use some natural eyebrow extender to give your thin eyebrows a bulky look. However, if such a fluid is not available, an eyebrow pencil can be considered, which matches the color of your brows. Calmly apply the pencil to the areas you want to make seem wider.

Use some smile makeovers to brighten your smile.

It has become really easy to whiten yellow teeth. All you need to get hold of is a gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide. You might want to look for a reliable company. The gel will remove stains after a few nights of use.

Use some good hair extensions to gear up you look.

For some perfect, celebrity-like hairstyle, you just need a little hard work to put in, and you are done. All you need is some help with the perfect colored extensions that match your hair. Natural extensions may stay attached for a few months.

You might need some home hair coloring tips.

While you decide to color your hair, stick to two shades of your natural hair color for a clean, flawless look. It may be okay if you are going for lighter shades, or the darker ones.
Just by following these little steps, you will be done with your fashion makeover in no time, without any hassle!

How To make Juicy Lips

How To Make Juicy Lips

Juicy Lips are the best way to express your emotions either by saying through it or just by acting through it (movement of lips). If we say that lips are the sexiest part of every female as well as for males, it would not be a wrong statement. For this purpose it is very important to take care of your original lips to feel free for your every action. An elegant and confident personality can bring a positive change not only in their life but also in the other’s life. Lips play very big role in order to achieve this positive success.Juicy Lips


Dry and flaky lips don’t do any role in this purpose. If you want to achieve it, you will seriously need to take a great care of your lips and make them clean, clear and juicy. To get juicy and glossy lips some best tips are here. Note them and try. I am sure they will help a lot you in this success.

Tips to make your lips juicy and glossy:

Start with the most appropriate and simplest way:


Exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation is the basic process to give your lips a pinkish color with a reduction of flakes on it. Take a tooth brush with not much hard bristles and rub them on your lips in a circular manner. The reason of this is to reduce tension and to give a good flow of blood to your lips. The flow of blood will make them light and smooth. After it you can apply any good gloss on your lips to cover them with a juicy coat.

You can also use this method for exfoliation:

-granulated sugar  2tbsp
-warm water few drop
mix them to make a thick scrub and apply it with a brush on your lips.

2-Honey and rose petals paste:

Honey is a best moisturizer. It can heal almost every rough side of skin. Make a thick paste using honey and rose flower petals and apply this on your lips for almost 10 to 15 minutes. The rose paste will give your lips a pinkish coloration with a pleasant odor of rose. Rinsed it and repeat this process everyday to have better smooth and shiny lips.

3-Water and ice:

It is important to make a perfect water balance in your body to get a smooth skin as well as lips. Daily intake of 8 glass of water can make a big difference in maintain a good health of your lips. Ice cube massage will enhance the beauty and shine of your lip. It helps in soothes the skin and keeps the lips fresh.

4-Reduce darkening of lips:

Fruits play a very vital role in creating a healthy skin. Do not discard the peels of oranges and lemon. Use them as a cleaner. Orange peels have the ability to reduce darkness of your lips and other parts. Apply this procedure approx once in a week.

5-Use lip balm every time you feel dry lips:

Lip balms and other good quality chap sticks with odor will helps to get shiner and glossy lips. You can also apply gloss over your lipstick shade to put a glossy look. Transparent gloss can be used to apply on lipstick shade and colored gloss can be used directly without using lipstick before it.

These are the simplest procedures to get a glossy, shinny, and smoother lips. If you want to get rid of your dry and non attractive lips, you must try these tips and give a best feedback to our advice!

5 ways to Get Bigger Lips By Makeup


Biggers Lips are the sexiest part of a female facial region, no matter how they are, small, big, thin, or thick. Yeah but! If we talk about which one of them will look prettiest and the sexiest, we would choose the bigger one. So don’t get mad if you don’t have bigger lips. We are publishing some amazing tips and tricks in which you will find the way to make your small lip structure into a bigger one look. Makeup is one of the easiest ways to turn the smaller lip into a bigger one rather than to get a surgery for it.Bigger Lips


Wait is over now! Search into this article and find your own way to make up your lips.

5 Steps Trick:

Here are these tips and tricks:

1-Provide moisture to your lips:

Start with the moisturizer. Apply thin coat of a good quality moisturizer on your lips to provide a moisture coat on them. Gently massage it on all over your lips. Make sure every end will get moisture by this.

2-Brush off flakes from your lips:

After the application of moisturizer, take a tooth brush with thin pointed bristles. Brush is used to neutralize the flakes that are usually on every person’s dry lip. With soft hands apply little pressure on your brush to get rid of these creepy flakes. Another profit of using this technique is that, it enhances the flow of blood in your lips which gives your lips a light pinkish color and smoother look as well.

3-Make an ‘X’ over the middle of your upper lip line:

This is the time to start applying makeup things on lips. Draw an X on your top middle lip to give an outer structure to your lip, from where the lipstick will be filled into it and make them look bigger. Making an x region will give you a linear outline. Make this outline that much bigger that you want your lips thickness. This is the best way to extend the original lip outline to make your lips bigger.

4-Fill the outline region with darker lipstick shade:

After making the outline in step number 3, fill it with an appropriate and desirable lipstick shade. Do not use very much dark shade as well as very light shade. Apply the darker shade that has a dark effect to your skin tone and resembles to your outline pencil color. Merge both of these shades i.e. outline shade + filled dark shade of lipstick, to make a smooth layer on your lips.

5-Conceal the bottom of your lips:

Lastly, use a concealer to make a bottom line under your lower lip outline. The use of concealer will make a full clear outline that will provide a complete natural look to your lips. This is the important ending step because you have made an ordinary outline outside of your original lips. In order to make it original, concealer is a very good option to cover it up.
These were the easiest 5 step process to get bigger lips by makeup. You can also add some shimmer or a gloss over this makeup to get an extra ordinary sexier look. Hope after applying these steps you will shine yourself more than before in any event or upcoming party!

The Simplest and the Elegant Hairstyle Tutorial

The Simplest And The Elegant Bun Wrap Hairstyle Tutorial

Elegant Hairstyle are the most simplest and attractive way to put a glamorous look on your face. Some best hairstyle are very much on top of the list of simplest and easiest style tutorials. There is much more to find out about how to make realistic and amazing hairstyle by just few simple steps.


Elegant hairstyle is a most common hair style that is very affective in summers. This will protect your head and hairs as well to get sweating effects. This time I am here to teach you how to make an elegant bun wrap hairstyle tutorial by very easy steps. Go ahead and take your things you need for this hair style.

Simple steps to get a bun wrap hairstyle:

Things you need:
-Some bobby pins
-hair elastics if necessary
-hair spray if necessary

1-Make a pony tail:
Brush your hairs to make them smooth and straight. It is an exceptional step for this hairstyle. if you don’t want straight smooth style of bun wrap you can leave this one. After smoothing all your hair, make a tight and high ponytail with all the hair into up.

2-Apply twisting:
The pony tail you made, twist all those hair to make a bun shape. You can either use only bobby pin support or a donut shaped hair accessory to hold up all your twisted hair.

3-Hide placed bobby pins:
The bobby pins you used to secure the bun should be hidden. For this purpose unwrap some of your hairs from bun and twist them around and over the bobby pins with the hair elastics.

4-Messy bun wrap is a choice:
After making the basic bun wrap style you can also leave it a little messy look over it. To get a messy look you can spread some of your hairs from every side of your head or simply by not apply brushing before starting a bun wrap messy hairstyle look.

5-Apply hair spray over your hair style:  
The hairstyle you made sometimes needs a hair spray because of not losing its original position and to hold on it. Hair spray will give your hairstyle holding points to it. Apply spirit on to your style to cover it all with a final look.

These are 5 simple ways to get a basic and elegant bun wrap hairstyle. Some addition would be double layered bun wrap or maybe a double twisted bun wrap hair look. I would prefer a simple one because it looks decent and elegant in all ways. Must try it with addition of some of your own styles and go easy in summers to prevent sebum and sweating plus heat effect.

Leave a comment if you find it beneficial and interesting!

The Secret To getting Long Hair fast

The Secret To Getting Long Hair Fast

Having long hair is every girl’s first wish. But it’s difficult to get a good growth speed for getting long hair within little time period. Long hair can turn into a beautiful hairstyle any time. The only thing which needs to be perfect is the growth speed that let your hair to grow long and to give you a wonderful lengthy hairstyle for every day or every event.
Tips to get long hair within few weeks:Long Hair



Here is an article for smartest choice women and girls who want to let them hair grow faster than normal. Some tips that will help you to get lengthy, shiny and strong hair are below.

-Brush your hair twice or thrice day:

Brushing hair is a good way to keep your hair growth fast. Brush can help in the arising of new hair from scalp region, but remember, constant brushing can also put your hair growth in anger. Else right after bathing, don’t do brushing more readily because it can leads to hair loss. The main reason of brushing is to provide scalps’ natural oil to every part of the head. This oil makes possible to grow hair.

-Don’t make tight pony tails:

Pony tails however look decent but it can ham your hair growth. Due to open and free ends, hair can become damage and starts splitting. These split ends will bring your hair messy as well as less shinny look. Split ends also damages the hair cells that involves in their growth. Accept braided hairstyles. This makes your hairs grow faster and stronger as climbing plant.

-Protein diet gives massive hair growth:

Yes diet! Your diet can affect your hair as well. Add protein including food in your diet to enhance the function of growth. For instant, eat eggs, drink milk and yogurt regularly. Fruits also help in this process so make sure your diet plan is a healthy circle. On the other hand protein supplements i.e. biotin tablets. Make sure you are taking these medicines or supplements after consulting your doctor.

-Oil massage is important for growing hair:

Apply oil twice a week to your hair and gently massage it with your finger tips to the hair scalp. Oil gives moisture to your hair and also makes your hair texture smooth from rough and tough conditions.

-Use less shampoo:

Shampoo makes hair silky and shiny but you should not use shampoo every time you take bath. This can damage hair follicles and results in bad growth of your hair. Although shampoo is an important product that is use for cleaning any kind of dirt from hair or scalp, it also contains conditioners which help to secure your hair texture as well. Still the first thing you should try to skip if you want to let your hair grow is using shampoo regularly.

-Make an egg mask and apply:
Eggs are highly effective in growing hair within few weeks. Here is a mask recipe note it down and apply it on your hair once or twice in a month.

-1 egg
-1 cup milk
-2 Tablespoons olive oil
-Juice of half lemon

Add these things all together and whisk well. Coat your hair with this mixture for approximately 20-25 minutes and rinsed it off with water and shampoo.
As above tips are some sorts of secrets to grow hair faster. Hope it will help in getting you long lengthy, shiny and strong hair within just few weeks of time period. Follows these tips and enjoy your natural beauty!

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